Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well, little quote blog, you were short-lived. My affair with you, I knew, would not last, for I am already devoted to another.

My co-authoring friends, they too have other obligations, other blogs to attend to. One of them does anyway. And so, I bid you adieu. Farewell, to you "Say What?", and all six of your hard-earned followers. You're just not worth the time or the drama.

In honor of this failed experiment, I'm going to list my favorite quotes from the five-week period it was online. Enjoy. 

Two guys I work with in the kitchen:

First guy: "Dude, don't touch my sausage!"

Second guy: (under his breath) "That's what she said..."

Some girl standing in line next to me:

"What state is that in? Antarctica?"

Two guys discussing their finals:

First guy: "Why are you being so depressed?"

Second guy: "Because I am currently struggling to complete even a single sentence of this essay. I don't know how you think talking to me will help in the slightest. As of now, my paper is on track to be so atrocious that it will come back from grading, literally drenched in the blood-red ink of criticism. Our teacher will be so mortified by my paper, she will literally set it on fire. From the flames will arise a phoenix bearing the shape of an F, my final grade, and as she looks on the flames in horror, she will grasp her heart for it will be breaking."

Our friend who was just dripped on by an AC unit:

"OH MY GA...freaking asbestos just dripped on my head, and now I probably have freaking hair cancer! That's it! I am SUING this company."