Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's the little stuff.

My youngest brother absolutely loves to make me laugh, and really, I love that he loves to make me laugh.

If he can tell a joke or make an awkward facial expression that will get as much as a snicker out of me, he will drive it into the ground. I mean, he'll use it NON-FREAKING-STOP until I make a point to inform him that he has not only exhausted all humor surrounding said joke/face, but also, continued use of said joke/face is now legally punishable by death. When this occurs, he returns to his drawing board once again to concoct his next comedic triumph.

Currently? The phrase is "horse butt."

No, there's nothing else to it. No punchline, guy walks into a bar, nothing. Just those two words.

How this came about is kind of odd, but basically, it happened while we were on our way back from church one morning (as do all great stories). He and I were discussing some deeply spiritual, biblical stuff I'm sure, like whether Sampson could beat Batman in a fight, when he stops in mid-sentence, points and says, "Horse butt." And turning around, I see exactly that...a horse's butt hanging out the side of a cattle trailer, just outside my window. Now, I'm not sure why I found it hilarious, but at the time, it was. I guess you just had to have been there.

And as predicted, it's his new catch phrase.

Slowly creeping around the corner into my room. Horse butt.

Sneaking up behind me while I'm watching TV. Horse butt.

Leaving a little note on the keyboard of my laptop. Horse butt.

And the best yet, my parents called from California yesterday to check in while they're on vacation, when my mom says, "Oh, and your brother wanted me to say 'horse butt' for some reason."

I miss the little guy alot, so I'm gonna let it slide for now. But when he gets back, it's time to move on to the whole "punishable by death" stage.