Monday, May 2, 2011

Please...just stop it.


Osama's dead, gone, perished, expired, pushing up daisies. All that crap. So, for the love of my sanity, stop the social networking presses. I don't care about all this DNA testing, or the caliber of the weapon that did him in, or the color turban he was wearing when he was buried in the ocean or Area 51 or in Obama's second-cousin's vegetable garden. I don't care.

The majority of us are sick of hearing about it. America, an entire country, succeeded in killing one man. Granted, he was a very dangerous, ugly man. He killed thousands, started wars, and made many, many people very scared and very sad. Yes, Osama was a dirty trashcan full of poop, but c'mon people.

Reveling in that man's death will not change what happened. Sure, we can praise God for safety and for victory, but running around in your American flag boxers, a beer in each hand, screaming "OSAMA DUN' GOT DEAD!" is not accomplishing anything. Actually, it's just degrading the entire situation and humiliating our country.

War is not a game, and death is not funny. Show some dignity, America. Raise your flags high, but don't get so caught up in the death of some punk that you lose sight of what we're fighting for.