Friday, October 1, 2010


I am, in fact, still writing. However, rather than all my writing being concentrated in one place (this blog), it's been skewed across several locations.

One of those places is my new job that I was talking about earlier. I absolutely love it. Not just for the fact that I get praise and recognition to do what I love, but also...actually, that pretty much sums it up. Since it's Fall Break, my editors are giving me this week off, and thus, my focus returns here. Temporarily.

The second and possibly the most prominent place is my composition class. Now, I enjoy writing and English in general, but when you're professor is somewhat of an emotionally unstable advocate for racial equality, the work becomes very VERY monotonous. Everyday, she brings up the age-old Black vs. White debate, and everyday, we "discuss" it. By "discuss" it, I'm referring to screaming our unwavering viewpoints back and forth for a full 50 minutes. It's very tiring, but I've yet to lose an argument. My temper, on the other hand...hopelessly lost.

Well, that's a general recap of the past two weeks. Taking turns with my classmates, forcing our opinions down each others' throats. Gotta love college.

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