Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Antagonist.

I've been thinking lately. Shocking, I know.

But, I've been thinking about life, and the world, and other important crap. In the midst of this, it occurred to me that I really don't have many enemies, at least, that I'm aware of. No one I've ever come into contact with has formed such a deep hatred for me that they feel the overwhelming need to curse the very ground I walk on.

This is a blessing, in a way. At the same time, I tend to wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a "nemesis" of some sort. Not like a Batman/Joker relationship where I'm always narrowly dodging death and they're always narrowly escaping, but someone that literally fuels my every action.

What spurred these thoughts isn't purely interest alone, I'm not a masochist or anything weird like that. The other day, I was reading (Also shocking, I know.) a true story about two feuding ex-friends. Each one's purpose was basically the other's demise, not a physical demise, but a general social and emotional smack down everytime they got together.

While this type of relationship is typically frowned on, I saw something in those two that almost built them up. It created a purpose, a drive that led them to do and say things that would typically be beyond them. They were able to construct elaborate plans and verbal assaults on each other that were practically Shakespearean. Like the saying goes, "Passion fuels a fight." Even negative passion.

It's random and odd, but I sorta kinda maybe want my own antagonist. Someone that, while constantly tearing into me, makes me, more or less, better for it. I'm not sure how to obtain said enemy without purposely going out and finding someone to tick off, but it would definitely be an experience.

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