Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ordinarily, I don't go psychoanalytical on people. I don't delve deep into the mind in search of answers to questions. Basically, I'm not the philisophical type.

But recently, I slipped up and paused, just for a moment, to consider the sheer complexity of life. Not life as in daily events and schedules but an actual living thing. This came about when my mom was cleaning out my brother's closet the other day, and amidst the pile of various items, there was a stethescope. After a few minutes, curiousity got the best of me, and I did something I hadn't done in years.

I listened to my heartbeat.

And following the theme of every other experience I've ever had, I was both humbled and overwhelmed.

Considering the fragility of a life, of my life, truly can't be expressed through words. God created every living, breathing thing with a precision and intricacy that cannot be duplicated. A life cannot come into existence without His consent.

As humans, we may try to exalt our kind above every other creature. We may think foolishly that we control the earth and all things on it. We may even make breakthroughs which give us a false sense of power, breakthroughs in science or medicine which extend our years and strengthen our bodies, but we will never, we can never obtain the life-giving power of Christ.

Through His power alone, each heart continues to beat.

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