Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How's Life? (March 2010 Edition)

I realize this is the umpteenth one of these lists that I've written, but I like them. And if I continue this thing, there will be many more. Don't hate.

So here are a few important days for me to remember and for you to, at best, give half a crap about:

March 27 - Spring Break. A week of school-free glory that, in my opinion, can be fun without being drunk on a beach and/or having underage girls (who are also drunk) repeatedly show you inappropriate parts of their anatomy. I'll be headed to North Carolina, and no, not to any beaches. Call me conservative, but I'd prefer to remain inland until my classmates leave.

Was that a crack on my school? Why, yes it was.

May 21 - That's my grajeeashun day. A celebration of my public school book learnin coming to an end. And in the words of Etta James, "Aaaaaat laaaaaaaaaaast!"

May 31 - If you frequent my blog, you should already know what this date is. A few friends and I are going on a trip to Disney World as reward for dealing with four years of crap (second crack on school). While finishing high-school is exciting, it doesn't even come close to the excitement about getting down with Mickey.

You know how he do. He's a total G. Word to your mother.

June 9 - I'm going to be 18. I figured that would be worth noting.

I'll have legal permission to do more things that I will never do nor want to do. Huzzah.

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