Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We all love them deep down. Well, except my mother, but she doesn't count.

But let's face it, our furry canine friends have absolutely no shame. Whatsoever. They couldn't care any less about exposing themselves to you. They will pop a squat within four feet of you and not lose any sleep over it. In fact, they are most likely aware of the fact that you don't wanna know their business, and that's most likely why they're so eager to show it to you.

So, with their nonchalant behaviors, one would think that as just their nature. Nothing to gawk at or be in awe of. And I know you're thinking, "Why on earth...", but just trust me. Many people do.

Take my friend for instance while riding in my car:

Friend:  "And I could NOT believe what he said, he was just going on and on about...OHMYGOSH!"

Me: *slamming on breaks* "What?!? What did I hit?!?"

Friend:  "Those dogs were totally having sex on the side of the road!"

Me: Are you kidding me?

Friend: Sorry! I've just never seen that act being done in person before."

She's almost 18...and this is the first time she's ever seen that?

I'm thinking she needs to get out more.

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