Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There's some things that that people do on Facebook are just stupid. I'm not going to lie, sugarcoat it, or pretend like I don't mind these things flooding my feed on a minutely basis...because I do.

Posting a profile picture of yourself on Facebook...every thirty seconds.

The female race is the most guilty of this act of stupidity, and I can honestly say I think I speak for guys everywhere when I say taking pictures of yourself doesn't make you any more attractive in our eyes. It actually just proves that you have nothing better to than pose in your bathroom with forty different shirts on.

Posting a profile picture of yourself on Facebook...from thirty years ago.

Your birthday and graduation years are both posted on the same website you posted that picture from your childhood, so unless you lied, anyone who can do math can figure out that you really don't look like that. I can understand a "throwback" or "retro" picture every now and then, but all the time is ridiculous.

Keep your yearbook on the shelf, please.

Clicking "like" on things that aren't likable.

Everyone has at least one person on their friends list that does this. "Liking" statuses knowing that it's going to start crap is just idiotic. If someone posts a status about their dog dying, that's not an appropriate time to click "like". It's not joking; it's just rude.

Sending thousands upon thousands of requests involving Farms, Mafias, Pirates, etc.

Really? I mean, really? If you have nothing better to do, at least keep it to yourself. I don't have any baseball bats or Tommy guns to lend you, I'm not saving some stupid duckling that's drowning in your pond, and I don't feel like joining your crew. You're capable of handling ye booty all on ye own.

Facebook used to be a cool site on the web to connect to friends and family, but now it's just a mosh pit of idiocy. To be completely honest, the "Remove" button was the best addition to Facebook in a long time.

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