Monday, November 9, 2009

Let's Get Physical.

Physics is typically a bore for me. Although math is like breathing for me, I don't particularly care for that class.

However, today was different. Today, I had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I and several other geniuses almost as smart as me listened to various speakers' presentations on different computational sciences.

Upon entering, we were subject to all 4,567 of their security measures.

Photo ID, Fingerprint Scanning, DNA and drug testing, FBI interrogation...

Alright, so it wasn't THAT bad. But there were hundreds of overweight guards watching our every move and quietly whispering things into their radios like, "The blue, one-winged crow has landed in the Florida Keys. Over."

Despite the looming feeling that I would be mistaken for a terrorist, detained, and quartered, I have to say the trip was actually enjoyable. Of the many activities there, we analyzed human remains (only pictures) in a Forensics seminar and even learned about military nano technology.

And there was food. Always a plus. Although one of the professors thought it would be hilarious to play a slide show of the cadavers from the lecture while we were eating to induce gagging and vomiting all over the conference room.

Very funny, Mr. Professor. Very funny.

Oh, and some kid thought it would be hilarious to keep hitting the PA button and announcing to everyone that he was God. Did I say geniuses earlier? My bad.

Anyways, it was a cool experience. Working there would probably never get boring.
I know. I'm a dork...

...but at least I'm not a terrorist.

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