Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How's Life? (October 2009 Edition)

Remember that whole thirty seconds I wasn't consumed with projects, essays, and other assorted crap?

Good times.

I'm uber busy once again, so here's my next episode of the ongoing drama that is my life...

1) I am DONE with Physical Therapy! Can I get a 'whoot-whoot'?

2) Per the request of my Literature Teacher, I have constructed my very own Inferno. This is, of course, based off the first book of Dante Allegheri's famous Divine Comedy. Despite the fact that the project is about Hell, it was actually pretty interesting. And my project... HOT. (pun intended)

3) Only 213 days stand between me and Walt Disney World. (this is another appropriate place for a 'whoot-whoot')

4) It's FREEZING. Just in case you didn't notice.

5) I've been introduced to the terror known only as "the Heck". The economy teacher named Heck, loud as Heck, and from Heck...

...mortals beware.

*Heck is, in fact, a real person. Read about him in my best friend's blog here.

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