Saturday, August 29, 2009


Undoubtedly, one of the most essential items I possess is my cell phone. It's like a mobile lifeline that connects me to pretty much anyone anywhere at anytime. But my phone is not your ordinary cellular device. No, after much deliberation, I have decided the hardware for this phone was originally designed by the U.S. Military as an indestructable telecommunications device and was mistakenly placed on an LG assembly line. Let me explain...

Over the course of the summer, I visited the community pool several times. Apparently, it's the only pool with in a five thousand mile radius because by 10am there is always an uncontrollable mob of parentless children. So, to avoid the crowd, I typically try to limit my visits to the early hours of the morning.

For those of you who don't know me, I am NOT a morning person. The first hour of my day consists of moaning, drooling, tripping over things, and walking into walls. It's hard enough being 6 feet tall and not tripping over anything, but in the morning...absolutely impossible.

However, I managed to wake up and get to the pool early that day, and thankfully, there was no one there. The first few minutes of my swim were a bit groggy, but the chilly water eventually woke me up and brought me to cell phone was still in my pocket.

If there was ever a proper occasion for me to use the term "OMG", that was definitely it.

Upon realizing this terrifying fact I proceeded in literally leaping out of the pool, yanking it out of my shorts, and drying it off. Once I finished my frantic attempt to revive my phone, I pressed the power button...

...and to my absolute shock it worked.

Still to this day, it works. Keep in mind this phone was submersed in several feet of water for more than two minutes. Also keep in mind that this phone is made of cheap Japanese plastic. ALSO keep in mind that this same phone has fallen out of a moving vehicle into someone's yard only to be hit by a lawnmower...

But that? Is a completely different story.

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