Thursday, August 27, 2009

Confessions of a Craigslist Addict.

I'll admit it. I'm undeniably obsessed with Craigslist. It's like Ebay, but so very much better. Not only is the element of a third wheel eliminated (along with the 10% usage fee those thieves require), but there is also no risk of someone from an estranged country that may or may not exist demanding payment in his or her own country's currency which also may or may not exist.

Honestly, up until yesterday, I believed that Craigslist truly hadn't even the slightest flaw. Then, I was introduced to the S-word in all of its four-letter glory. Indeed. I am referring to the plague which now haunts my inbox. Spam.

Oddly enough, every new e-mail reads basically the same thing:

"[Insert greeting]!!!!!!!!!! Did you know that my [Insert name of distant relative at least once removed] is making [Insert amount containing at least six digits] per month??????

You should go to [Insert obscure URL with the sole purpose of sending viruses to the computers of all who visit it] right now so you can make [Re-Insert extremely large number] too!!!!!!"

And yet I read each and every one in hopes of actually contacting a real person. Sigh.

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