Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My recent posts have been kinda heavy, and I apologize for that. I'm not emo or anything, just tired. Today is different though. I'm still hurt, yes, but I'm not angry.

Lately, all I can think about is what my future holds. God isn't always clear on what His plan is for my life, and that's okay, because it's all the more reason for me to trust Him. I don't necessarily enjoy waiting on His timing. It's definitely not my ideal timing, but I know it's for the best.

I woke up for work at 4am today, and during my morning routine, I began to pray. I find that's the best way to be while conscious.

I prayed for friends and family, for God's blessing on them.

I prayed that I wouldn't fall asleep in the shower.

I prayed for clarity, guidance, and peace, things I lack at times.

I prayed that I wouldn't burn my hand on the fryer again.

I prayed for those in other countries, whether in a war or a tsunami.

I prayed for the people who aren't praying for me.

I prayed for healing.

God has a funny way of answering my prayers at just the right time, and today, He did just that. This day was one of the most stress-free, enjoyable days I've had in a long time, and I truly believe it was prayer that made all the difference. I know it seems like such a simple concept, but the next time life has got you down, don't turn to the world.

Turn to God. Pray about it.