Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, I recently discovered the horror that is the Kings of Leon.

After all of the raving reviews I'd heard, I honestly expected something...well...good. But alas, the Kings of Leon are your typical, long haired, makeup wearing guys who sing mediocre songs with somewhat questionable content.

It's sad, but that pretty much described 85% of bands on the radio today.

Greasy bangs aside, one of their songs did happen to provide comic relief in the midst of one of my parents' shopping excursions...

*While walking through a store, the song "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon comes on over the radio.*

Random man: "Did I hear that right?"

*Song continues.*

Random man: "I DID hear that right. *sigh* I'm fairly certain if your sex is on fire then you probably have an STD."

*Uncontrollable laughter ensues.*

People are hilarious.

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