Saturday, May 1, 2010


I recently discovered this entertaining (and hysterical) game called, "Who am I?" It's the same premise as 20 questions, but with a twist. Each person writes the name of a cartoon character on a piece of paper and tapes it to someone else's head. Then, everyone takes turns asking yes or no questions and trying to guess who they are.

Today, my family decided we were going to try the game using Disney characters. Shocking, right? My dad got "Captain Barbosa" from the Pirates of the Carribean series. This is how it went down...

Dad:  Am I a male?

Mom:  Yes.

Dad:  Am I a main character?

Mom:  Eh. Not really.

Dad: I important in the film?

Mom:  Yeah, pretty important.

Dad:  Am I Mrs. Potts?

Mom:, you're a guy. Remember?

Dad:  Well, I know, but have you SEEN Mrs. Potts? She's pretty manly.

This is why our family doesn't play games.

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