Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quotes from the Club.

The Boys and Girls Club I volunteer at has become, more or less, a place of comic relief.

And let me tell you, after going to my school for four years, I need comic relief. Actually, just relief in general would suffice, but I'll take what I can get.

Anyways, I thought I'd share some of the funnier moments I've experienced...

Shakayla upon finishing her "makeover" on one of the other volunteers:

Shakayla: "Aight, it's done! It lookin' fabalous."

Volunteer: "Thanks, girl!"

Shakayla: (to everyone else) "Ha! She think her hair lookin' fabalous? No. That ain't fabalous."

Jarone sitting at the bottom of the slide:

Hannah: "MOVE!"

Jarone: "No! Come make me!"

Hannah: "You'll just move out of the way right before I get there!"

Jarone: "Nu-huh. Twy (pronnounced tah-wye) it and see."

(whispering extremely loud where Hannah can completely hear him)

"I'ma move before she hits me! Shhhhh..."

Mercedes seconds after meeting me for the FIRST time:

Mercedes: "Aye, man! Come hur!"

Me: "Yes?"

Mercedes: "You my boyfran an I'ma give you a kiss."

Arianna and Jameea during music class:

Arianna: "It's so HOT out hur!"

Jameea: "I know! Miss Jamie, I am DYIN'!"

Miss Jamie: "Stop complaining, sit up, and listen or we're calling your parents."

Girls: (in unison) "DAAANNGG! You so MEEEEEAN!"

Hannah giving me a tour of the playground:

Hannah: "This side is my house. That hole is my bed and the slide leads to my pool."

Me: "Sweet! So, what's that side of the playground?"

Hannah: "Oh yeah, that's Texas."

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