Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Clearly, my previous post hit the nail directly on its narrow head.

I have been unbelievably busy these past few days. So much so, in fact, that I'm fairly certain the concept of me having a blog was completely lost on me.

However, I have endeavored to squeeze out a post to...well...keep everyone posted.

No pun intended...

...okay maybe it was slightly intentional, but gimme a break. Lord knows I need one.

Not many things have been going on with me outside of school. All of the recent events confining me to this desk chair have been the deeds of my merciless educators who refuse to acknowledge the fact that I, indeed, have a life outside of their classrooms. Incessant compositions, projects, and problems have flooded this desk on a nightly basis for quite some time now, and I don't forsee this situation changing anytime soon.

The chaos which has ensued for the past several weeks was dramatically increased with the addition of Homecoming and Spirit Week. Typically, these days would be used to represent our school in a prideful manner...

...but things are different within the redneck/ghetto melting pot I call "school".

Here, we make the most of the week by parading up and down the streets in our vehicles bearing rebel flags, silly string, water balloons, and other assorted crap that mature, high-school students should not possess but unfortunately have an abundant supply of.

But Heaven knows, we simply CAN'T stop there. The vast majority of our senior class (myself excluded), those shining examples of brilliance, choose to indulge in alcoholic beverages until thoroughly drunk. Watching them vomit and yell phrases like "easy-access shorts" (while admittedly...is vaguely comical) is disgusting and a disgrace to our school. It's no surprise we're on the NCLB's shortlist. Title One is undoubtedly having a field day with our student body.

During school hours, the "fun" (stress on the quotations) continues as each day of the week holds a theme to which all of the students dress to fit...

I try, honestly, I do. I dress up and make futile attempts at running around like a freak in my "spiritful" clothing, but I just can't bring myself to that mental state. Merely being around these psychos begins to degrade my inner psyche. Granted, some of them both participate in moderation and are completely genuine in their effort. However, it's simply not in my nature.

Anyway, students dress-up, check their brains at the door, and run wild. 'Nuff said.

Despite everything else, the highlight of my Homecoming Week, while it did cause me sufficient stress, was participating in the 2009 Homecoming Court. It wasn't neccessarily the event, but I got to escort one of my best friends in the entire world, and although she didn't win, we had an awesome time.

Honestly, this girl is one of the only glimmers of hope I see in that school. I thank God for her, and a few others like her, that assure me our future generation doesn't only consist of fast-food workers, train car hoboes, and drug-dealers.

Regardless of what this life throws at me, whether it be intoxicated classmates or brutally lengthy literature compositions, I'm determined, very determined, to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

...or the hallway as it were.

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