Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's harsh. But regrettably, it's the solitary word racing through my mind right now.

Recently, I've learned that sometimes, no matter how charitable you are, people will stab you in the back. Despite the fact you try, time and time again, to salvage your relationship with this person, they always find a way to thwart your efforts. Their ability to find and expose your every flaw is unfailing, and although you've done nothing, they make you feel as if you're a hideous criminal.

I've frequently endeavored to find the source of this unfounded anger only to come up dry. But at last, I genuinely believe I have the answer.

You see, anger is an emotion, usually brought on by an outside force. But unwarranted anger... comes from within.

Bigotry is a force that transcends anger, but simultaneously, it generates anger. Within a bigot is essentially a lie. A lie upon which everything they stand for, everything they believe in is built upon. This lie is so convincing to the bigot that they are quite literally blind to their own imperfections that they refuse to believe they are anything less than perfect.

A bigot's heart is cosumed with hatred for those free of their weight. Those who don't have a problem with hypocrisy. Unfortunately, those of us who strive to deviate from bigotry are often pulled into the mix...unwillingly.

However, there is hope.

There's always a diminutive possibility of restoration, but the only way that possibility can ever come to be is through the acceptance of imperfection and an agreeance to disregard past friction. Blame and accusations must be cast aside, and a mutual accountability for past actions must be obtained.

But ultimately, the most vital role rests on the pointed finger of the bigot...

...and the direction of that finger to be pointed at the body its attached to for a change.

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