Monday, August 1, 2011


There are boocoos (as my momaw would say) of things swirling through my head, and rather than write a book, I'm going to do the minimalist thing and make a list. Hooray for laziness!

1. I've gotten back into drawing and painting and such. It's a pretty good stress reliever, plus it helps cover up holes on the walls in my room. Bonus! I've also tried to teach myself some new songs on piano, mostly Adele songs because, I mean, once you go Adele, you never go back.

2. I get a new phone in October, which is incredible news for those of you who have seen my phone. It has a will of it's own, calling and texting people in other states who I've never spoken to. Or better, texting people I know to inform them that they "probably have cancer." Oh, and calling the cops while I'm at work. Thanks for that, LG.

3. It's UNBELIEVABLY hot. The sun has taken some issue with Tennessee and is now trying to destroy it by drying out the ground in hopes the whole state will just spontaneously combust. Unfortunately, it's so humid here that the air replenishes the earth's water supply as quickly as it's evaporating. If only we were so lucky to spontaneously combust...

4. College classes are starting again in a couple weeks. That's not as thrilling as it sounds, and it didn't sound very thrilling to begin with. I loathe being confined to that campus all day, walking around in the beams of death falling from the sun or, in winter, having to ice skate to class. I managed to squeeze all the credit hours I needed into two days this semester with the occasional Monday lab. That's tolerable, right? Actually, "sufferable" is a better word.

5. Chick-fil-A is getting on my nerves. I know I should be thankful I have a job in these hard times, unemployment is skyrocketing, the apocalypse is nigh, etc. etc. It's kind of depressing when you make 1.2 billion chicken sandwiches in an hour and you look up and realize they've all been sold and you need more. Or better, when you get a complaint from a customer that the cores of her tomato slices "were not properly removed." Really? Bite me.

6. My friend, Maddy B, dropped off the face of the earth for a few months and has emerged a professional photographer! You want to click here and check out her stuff. You also want to subscribe, so you can get album after album of awe-inspiring photographed goodness right to your email. Do it.

Welp, that's all I got. If I left anything out, I'll add it later. Probably not actually.