Sunday, May 22, 2011


Life is really good right now. I know this comes as a surprise given my recent whinings about all my drama, but recently, God's been going above and beyond to give me peace. And, beyond that, I'm genuinely happy.

Church is unbelievably encouraging. Lately, I've felt like the sermons were written for me, which I know is God's way of speaking to me, but it goes even further to remind me that I'm not alone in my struggles. He's working on and speaking to others just like me. Even my job is a reminder that God will provide. I work for a company founded on Christian morals, I have a great boss, and with a few small exceptions, I work with some awesome people from many different walks of life. My friends and family are there for me, even in the hard times. Time after time, I'm being reminded of how truly wonderful my life is, the countless blessings that I don't deserve and take for granted all too often.

Coming from an instantaneous generation, I tend to live in the now, confining my view to the things going on at this very second. That's, I guess, why I go downhill so fast when things get tough, but I'm learning. I'm learning to turn to God for everything instead of just the tough stuff. Beyond that, I'm learning that I can, in fact, trust people. I used to think that talking to people, letting anyone too close was dangerous, social and emotional suicide. I'd been burned too many times to ever think otherwise.

Now, I realize that God doesn't just put people in our lives to come and go. God puts people in our lives to affect us, in one way or another. Sometimes, it's to test our faith, and other times, it's to provide a tangible presence to help us through the hard times. Either way, they all have some sort of purpose, no accidents. Through others, God can mold us and make us stronger.

Ultimately, I feel like I'm being guided, which is quite possibly the most incredible feeling I've ever had. To know that my life is in God's hands (and, even better, not in my hands) has brought me peace. I'm looking forward to my future with excitement and wonder, rather than trepidation now, and to be honest, I want others to feel the way I do.

I'm not trying to turn my blog into a church invitation or anything, but I'm completely serious. If you get anything out of reading my words, I want you to know that you can have true peace and you can know true love through Jesus. Because, as I'm being reminded again and again, that's really all that matters.