Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's an inspiring word, isn't it? It gives new meaning, new life to something broken.

God comes to my mind. I think He's the reason things heal. The reason things break? That's all us. All flawed human nature. Not that God doesn't hurt right along with us, but He's not always going to prevent things from falling apart. Sometimes we have to figure things out for ourselves, mostly by ourselves.

Guidance only goes so far. We have to act and speak on our own accord.

We have to acknowledge our brokenness, and we have to aid it along in the healing process. Taking care of the situation, nursing it, and even simply giving it time is a difficult, sometimes draining process. Although, the end result is what makes it all worth it. It's the part that God smiles on, the reason He allows things to break.

It's the strength that returns, greater than ever, when the healing is complete.

Granted, the healing doesn't always return things to the way they were. Despite how things may seem, the healing process may completely alter what once was.

Although we may have some rose-tinted, fairytale ending planned out, we never know for certain until the end actually arrives. But regardless, things heal the way they were meant to heal. There are no mistakes in that.

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