Monday, November 15, 2010


Through the years, I have come across many words that are, to put it plainly, unorthodox.

I'm not referring to those four-letter bombs scrawled on bathroom walls and school desks all across America. I'm talking about the crap you accidentally made up by fusing two or more syllables together that are not otherwise joined anywhere else in the English dictionary. That, or in some cases, it's just a normal word said with a particular intonation. Regardless, I find them hilarious and often useful. The majority of them I picked up from friends and family members, but some of them I actually invented myself.

Hajabaja - (pronounced hah-jah-bah-jah) the sound which represents the incoherent ramblings of siblings, parents, teachers, and/or aliens.

Example: I barely understood a word of that lecture. The whole thing sounded like, "Hajabaja."

SHOCKING - (pronounced shah-keeng) said in an operatic voice, this term is used sarcastically in reference to anything typical or rather unsurprising.

Example: Great, I failed another quiz. SHOCKING.

Loopean - (pronounced loo-pee-un) spoken or written word which surpasses the depth and profound resonance of Shakespeare himself. The term was named for the greatest English teacher in the world, Mr. Loope.

Example: This essay is perfect, practically Loopean.

Sharon - (pronounced share-un) name given to any middle-aged woman with obviously fake, Sharon Osbourne-esque, maroon hair.

Example: Oh my, Sharon's hair is hurting my eyes.

Lolasaurus(pronounced ell-oh-ell-uh-sor-us) an exclamation, for describing something so ridiculous or hilarious that "lol" just isn't enough.

Example: Justin Bieber is getting his own movie? Lolasaurus!

Profanicize - (pronounced pro-fan-i-syze) the act of cursing, coined by the famous Dr. Jean Morgan Harper.

Example: I know I did NOT just hear you profanicize in church!

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