Thursday, November 4, 2010

If I had a title, it would be here.

Well, I really don't know what to write about, so I'm just going to whack at the keys until something coherent comes out. Enjoy.

I've been in the flighty state of blah, lately. Whenever I'm working on something or just chilling for awhile, I'll catch myself in this weird, emotionless trance. So, if I've recently stared at you for an extended amount of time, I'm sorry. These things are out of my control.

This is probably due to my general lack of sleep. My bout of insomnia began basically at the same time this semester began. I don't handle stress well. I have never handled stress well. Mom tells me I can blame genetics for that as well as several other unbecoming ailments. Anxiety attacks, depression, and a crappy digestive system, anyone want to trade?

Theoretically, my workload this semester shouldn't give me any problems, but it is. The classes aren't difficult, per se, just tedious and, in the case of my Geology course, about as exciting as a family reunion on my Dad's side. Actually, despite the hundreds of old people who remember me when I was "just a little ankle biter" (or some other cryptic term coined in the 1920s), I'd rather go to ten of those than one Geo session.

Just ten though, eleven is pushing it.

Needless to say, I procrastinate. Alot. I would much rather go play tennis, see a movie, or play some Halo than try to discern between an igneous rock and a metamorphic rock. That usually comes back to bite me in the is the case with my current assignments...which are due tomorrow...morning. In essence, this whole post is really just me delaying the inevitable.

Sigh, I've got crap to do.

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