Friday, October 22, 2010

Yard Sale.

My grandparents, who also live here in Tennessee, are planning to move in the coming months. In order to make the process as hassle-free as possible, they're having a yard sale this weekend, and obviously, they needed some help. So, we offered our services for the majority of the evening, and to finish up, drove around with my Momaw to put up a few signs.

Now, my dad isn't the slowest driver in the world. He's actually a bit agressive. In the midst of our excursion, he sort of...spooked my Momaw. It went something like this:

*Dad turns truck into parking lot*

Momaw: "Oh, mercy! I thought you were turning the other way!"

Dad: (laughing) "Nope, sorry."

Momaw: "That's fine, I'm just glad I have good butt muscles or you woulda thrown me clean over yonder!"

Dad: "Good butt muscles? Well, that's something to brag about."

I just love my family.

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