Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The pen is mightier than...

A few days ago, I was given a glorious, shining opportunity to utter the cosmic words, "I told you so." But strangely enough for the first time in my life, I didn't take advantage of it.

As much as I wanted to cram it down my idiotic (former) friend's throat, I didn't. I couldn't. Some people are just so helplessly lost that depriving them of that last ounce of dignity seems criminal. This was one of those cases.

I could have sat down and listed every single thing that I was right about, made a chart of how this person's ignorance has grown over the years, and blatently revealed every horrible, awful thought I've ever had about them. And believe me, I wanted to. I wanted so badly to emotionally destroy this person for all of the crap they've done and put me through. All the crap that I warned them about, that others warned them about. However, something held me back.

Pity, perhaps? Self-control? God?

Honestly, I believe the prior friendship we had was the solitary force clamping my teeth down on my tongue, but there's no telling the true reason behind my actions.

Such opportunities as this don't come around often, and I completely missed this one. I just couldn't justify it. I still can't. Merely thinking of how much devestation I could've caused makes me feel horrible. Although I didn't do anything, I could have, and I came very close to doing so.

But holding back, I believe, was the right choice. Considering the massively different outcomes each choice would've produced is mind-blowing.

And through this experience, I am again reminded of the unrivaled power...

...of words.

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