Monday, April 5, 2010


Naturally, Easter is a day of celebration for Christians, like myself, to rejoice that our Lord rose from the grave. On the third day, not man, not death, not even Hell itself could restrain Him, and in a magnificent triumph, He rose.

I've always thought of Easter as just another holiday, another reason to exchange some form of gift, namely Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, but this year was different. This year I was humbled through the sheer magnitude of Christ's love.

Putting God and His creation of everything into perspective is a feat which the human mind cannot comprehend. Especially those of us who rely so heavily on logic. However, once your mind has been expanded to it's limit and your train of thought careens madly off the rails because it cannot comprehend the thought of a solitary, infinite being creating the universe...

...there is a peaceful yet chilling silence.

A realization occurs that you're not meant to know all of these things, and a joy that you have a God who knows all of it overcomes you.

Looking around and at hundreds of people walking by. Living, breathing people who each have a unique genetic code so infindecimal that the human eye needs cutting edge technology just to behold it. Every one containing enough organs to cover every possible need that body will ever need.

Watching the clouds in the seemingly endless ocean above the world wisp by. The sun, which lights and heats the surface of the Earth, a surface so large that even if we could live a thousand years we could never see it all.

Both the smallest and the largest pieces of life, were all created by one, omnipotent God. This is fact.

These things haven't simply come to be over time. There was no explosion which thrusted matter into the order it is today. We didn't change into humans after billions of years as plants. While the ways of God are not bounded by logic, if you think about it, God is the only logical explanation.

So, I say all these extremely confusing and overwhelming things to ask the only question that I struggle with:

Why does He love me?

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